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  • Standard Corner - The standard survey corner is a ½”x18” rebar with a plastic survey cap. The survey cap contains markings that identify the surveyor by initials includes the license number of the surveyor. The standard survey corner is referenced in Act 132, the certified survey act.






  • Anchored Corner - The anchored survey corner is a metal rod with additional metal stakes that curve into and grip the soil, much like tree roots. It is very resistant to removal and normally requires digging a large hole to remove. It is topped with a metal disk noting the name and license number of the surveyor. The anchored corner cost more per corner but is very well suited when you suspect a neighbor may be tempted to remove or relocate a corner after the survey is completed.




  • Concrete Monument - Concrete monuments are 4” diameter X 36” long and have a metal rerod running the length of the monument. Concrete monuments are most commonly set in the course of creating subdivisions at major deflection and intersection points like the beginning and end points of curves along roads. Concrete monuments may be set on property surveys, and are more resistant to removal.

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